Half Day Walking City Tour Of Marrakech

Half Day Walking City Tour Of Marrakech

Marrakech Guided Tours.


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  • Duration : 3 Hours
  • Availability : Everyday
  • Meeting Place : Accommandation or Cafe France
  • Departure Details : 09:00 AM
  • Return Details : 13:00 PM
Half Day Walking City Tour Of Marrakech

Half Day Walking City Tour Of Marrakech

It's a very rewarding experience that started with a visit of oldest university in Marrakech called Medersa Ben Youssef where the main subjects of study were centered on Theology. When the Saadians took over ,life became so sweet and everything flourished historically, economically and culturally .Therefore , more subjects were introduced , including History , Geography and Astrology. It was a big honor and challenge for the highly educated students to be accepted among the elite. Nearly 900 students not only from Morocco , but from different countries with the main concern to deepen their knowledge . These lucky zealous students were supposed to share 132 cells, known as dormitories like Monks which involved a big amount of devotion ,commitment and meditation .

Actually it is a masterpiece of the Islamic architecture that attracted and mesmerized architects from all over the world. Having a religious serene connotation involves incorporating a pool in the middle of the courtyard to be used for the ablutions and purifications . On the other side of the building open to the courtyard , beautiful prayer room intricately embellished with plaster work ,highlighted by a gorgeous cedar wood dome as a ceiling dazzlingly executed .

The adventure continues towards the corporations where the humble artisans are busy producing joyfully by hand their favorite crafts as a starting point is the leather artisans making soft slippers ,colorful handbags , comfortable cushions in different colors and shapes . All these products are locally made from goat ,sheep and cow skins processed previously and carefully in the tanneries . A stop in one of the genuine workshop gives the opportunity to feel and purchase some nice gifts .

Then we proceed deeper towards the brass ,bronze and puter souk to admire the elegant lamps , lanterns sets of trays and other outstanding furniture relevant to your interior designing .Following your noise ,you will find yourself unwillingly magnetized by the fragrance and the welcoming scent of cedar wood ,spruce and walnut wood . A marvelous exposition of handmade boxes ,tables chess boards engraved meticulously with ebony , mother of pearl and lemon wood .The feast of the senses is enhanced by a stop around the corner where the dyers are generously inviting you to a festival of colors .

Countless skeins of sheep wool and cactus silk brought by women as weavers on a donkey so as to get their wool soaked in hot water and natural colors. After being hang on poles of bamboo and get dried , the painted wool will be transferred to one of the old hidden houses where women as masters of the loom are weaving , chatting and chanting . The art of weaving is women speciality in the culture of he Berbers and this passion requires a big amount of time ,energy and patience .Chances are you will be greeted and invited by one of the weavers to sneak through the loom and try few knots with the help of the master . It is worth sitting on a sofa for awhile to be taken for a trip through Berber rugs . The show is so rewarding and eye opening because the Berber rugs vary in colors, designs and techniques according to the tribe and region.


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