Full Day Tasting Food Tour Of Marrakech

Full Day Tasting Food Tour Of Marrakech

Marrakech Guided Tours.


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2 Persons 150
3 Persons 170
4 Persons 190
5 Persons 210
6 Persons 240
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  • Duration : 3 Hours
  • Availability : Everyday
  • Meeting Place : Accommandation or cafe france
  • Departure Details : 10:00 AM
  • Return Details : 13:00 PM
hulf Day Tasting Food Tour Of Marrakech

hulf Day Tasting Food Tour Of Marrakech

Moroccans believe in Food & Mood which explains the amount of time invested in the process of cocking and happy to put more extra time to enjoy the celebration of eating and drinking. Our foodie adventure enables you to discover some hidden corners where local food is cocked and tasted. We recommend starting at 10 am so as to start with tasting Berber breakfast , composed of Argan oil , honey , Amlou (Berber Nuttela ) and whole meal bread with herbal tea as usual .A little walk through Medina streets lead us to one of the small little stand where the doughnut are made ,there are always few people queuing to get their turn because in our culture doughnut should be eaten hot with hot mint tea that’ s how you get flavor.

Inevitable is one of the vegetable market which is held every morning in different quarters for locals to buy what they need as food for daily life . It is a meeting point for women in particular to chat and connect with each other and maybe make arrangement for an evening stroll .In every section in the Medina there is a bakery ,which is a public oven hidden somewhere ,recognized very often by the smoke coming out of the building . kneeling down to get there it’ s always warm if not hot because the fire is alive all the time in one corner and the baked bread , sardines plates and salted almonds peanut and chickpeas on the other.

Connected to the bakery , there ‘ s always a furnace .At the back of each public bath ,there supposed to be the fire man hidden down in a little hole pushing the fire to heat up the Hammam . As enough embers is always available by his side , there should be few jars buried in embers to be cocked within 6 hours . It is actually the laziest dish ever left to simmer and as main ingredients are meat, preserved lemon and butter ,Safron ,olive oil ,garlic and spices .Because it ‘s yammy and it is already lunch time ,we are heading towards the most famous local spot where it is served for lunch .Another must see and taste is Mechoui .

You will be overwhelmed by looking at more than 20 lambs coocked in an underground pit by flame and you will see them taken out that place to the table .Not only that ,you will sit with the locales and feast yourself .The olive market is in front of you displaying the most tasty olives ever .This all will be digested with a flavored mint tea .

Note : Lunch being the main course in Moroccan culture and because Mechoui and Tangia are the highlights of this adventure, I include it at the right time and spot.


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  • Food and drinks and guide


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