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    Hi my name is Abdellah Amghar . i’m an official registered tour guide in Marrakech, the City where i was born , raised and live. My roots are berber (the first inhabitants of Morocco). tourists I have been with, during my humble experience 19 years , call me Abdellah  clooney .

    You will discover why when you meet me . I’am a graduate from the high University of Marrakech precisely English department. i speak Berber, Arabic, French, English. My aim is to share my humble knowledge and culture with other people from other countries .I look after my guests with a high degree of professionalism .

    Growing up in a berber family of artisans and craftsmen and being with many interior designers from different countries, I have learnt  a lot about art and interior designing. Therefore, I will be happy to be your personal private shopper to help you get the real goods (furniture, clothing, vintage rugs….) directly from artisans.

    so, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to dive into the old medina of Marrakech :(to discover the secrets  and the madness of this medieval, chaotic, exotic delicious City).

    Don’t get me wrong you need a genuine, knowledgeable helpful hand to taste and navigate the amazing maze of alleyways of this corner of the globe.